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Step-By-Step Tutorials: as usual we have created a super easy step by step setup wizard for the plugin along with detailed mini-tutorial videos right where you need them when you need them!
Great Support: as always you will get all the support you need and also free access to all future updates to the plugin!
Top converting ad templates: we have easy to use ad templates based on all the top messenger services, including; Facebook, Skype, Messenger and many more
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How Covert Messenger Works & How It Uses Deep Rooted Psychology To Almost Force People To Click Your Ads!

First of all the Covert Messenger is a super simple to use and install (1 click install) WordPress plugin. That means the software will work on any computer, all you need in order to use it, is a self hosted WordPress blog.

After you have installed and activated the plug in (only takes a few seconds) you will see a plugin admin panel like this...

As you can see you can...

  • Choose between multiple great looking templates spanning all the most popular messenger programs

  • Customize the "From name" to anything you want

  • Write any text you want on your Covert Messenger. You can even use HTML to make text bold, use different colors and lots of other effects including images!

  • Preview your ad in real time as you create it!

  • You can link your Covert Messenger ad to any page you want. Affiliate links, CPA offers, your own sites etc. When people click anywhere on your ad they will go to the link you specified!

  • You decide if the link should open in the same or a new window when people click your Covert Messenger ad.

  • Choose if you want your Covert Messenger ad to display only on the front page of your blog, or on all pages and posts.

  • Show your Covert Messenger ad immediately, or set any delay in seconds you'd like + multiple other time and delay settings

And in just a couple of minutes you can have a Covert Messenger ad live on your blog.

It will look like a normal instant messenger notification - using the same familar templates people know and love!

Your visitors will instinctively be drawn to the notification to see who sent them a message

And then you will have a fully clickable ad there, perhaps looking something like this...

Do you think people will click that ad?

You bet they will - in fact our test have proven that...

Covert Messenger Gets More Clicks & Better Conversions
Than All Other Ad Forms Combined On Our Blogs!

And it works for a very simple reason...

Everyone on the internet uses some form of instant messengers.

Humans are social creatures and we like social interactions

You're simply tapping into that and using a familiar look that people like to interact with, to deliver your ad

And remember...

This strategy is in NO way limited to adult or dating sites

In fact there are no dating affiliates left reading this - they have all clicked the buy button already - because they know how powerful this is!

And the many uses of this powerful plugin are only limited by your imagination...

Here are just a few of the highly effective strategies we have used ourselves...

  • On a review blog - make a Covert Messenger ad that tells them about a discount. Then ask them to click the link to claim their discount!

  • Offer a freebie related to the content on your blog and ask them to click in order to grab it (then link your squeeze page).

  • Use the same technique to link to CPA offers related to your blog. They won't click your banners, they have seen them all before. But they will click your Covert Messenger ad and you can start counting the $$$!

  • Use a Covert Messenger ad to serve a testimonial about a product, this adds an enormous amount of social proof value to any testimonial

  • And of course much more...

There are literally hundreds of different ways to use this plug in

The only thing that's certain is that...

It will get people's attention & they will click on your ad!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is multi-site and developers license included?

A: Yes, your license code is valid for unlimited sites and domains and you can even use the plugin on sites you build for clients or on sites that you sell/flip for profit.

Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like the plugin?

A: Yes you can, we have a full 45 day "no questions asked" refund policy. We'll part as friends and we'll still thank you for giving us a try.

Q: Are there any upsells or upgrades?

A: yes there is a great upgrade available, it includes a version of the plugin with a lot of extra features and templates. However, while the upgrades are highly recommended, they are 100% optional and NOT needed in order to achieve anything listed on this page!

Q: Will the plugin be updated and supported going forward?

A: It sure will and you'll find that we have one of the best track records for continuously supporting, updating and improving our themes and plugins.

Q: Can I contact you?

A: Yes, our customers and visitors are always more than welcome to submit a ticket at our helpdesk and we always aim to reply within 24 hours (and usually a LOT faster than that)

Q: Are there any other costs except for buying the plugin?

A: You need to have a hosting account and a domain name with WordPress on it in order to use the plugin. Other than that there is no extra cost.

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